Sunday, July 16, 2017

Introducing the Two New Babies

After we returned from vacation, we adopted 2 babies from the shelter.

After losing my Poopie earlier this year, I decided I had to adopt a black kitty.  Since Panda hasn't adjusted well to being by himself, and three kitties is a good number for us, we chose 2 black little girls.

This is Spooky.  She has big "Spooky" eyes.  Bennie is sure she doesn't blink.  She's the smallest (and a little mean thing)... the vet estimated she's about 8 months old.

This is Stormy.  The vet estimated she's about 2 years old.  She's very sweet and likes to be held and cuddled.  Bennie found a friend!
 Here's Stormy again.  She likes the two round perches around the house.  She's quite a day sleeper.
She's got longer fur, and a longer nose.  Her eyes are more almond shaped than round and she'll meow! 
 This below is Spooky again.  She's pretty quiet and doesn't meow much.  She loves to sleep like this on her back all stretched out. 
 Spooky follows me around the house and likes to be in the same room with me but she's not a cuddler.  She does like having her ears scratched and to be petted - but only THAT much.  Then she's done.

 Here's Stormy in the other round perch.  She likes having her tummy rubbed, and her ears scratched.  She's got some brown fur on her tummy.

 Spooky can be quite a little terror so I thought it would be hilarious to give her a collar with a pink flower.
Little black Spooky kitty with a pink flower.  Hilarious!

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