Sunday, August 15, 2010

Witchy Poo killing the Spider!!

He really LOVES this pom-pom spider toy we've got... and has killed it lots already!

The best part... he's a cuddle kitty! Whoo HOO!

Just wait until I get a video of him running... TOO funny!

Your comments are always appreciated!

RENAME!!! I'm going to have to rename this blog to My THREE Kitty Cats!!

You'll recognize Hankie on the right... he's my 11 year old kitty.
The baby on the left was given to us as a rescue... his name is Witchy Poo!
My husband wanted to call him Mr. Rambunctious because he's killed a
pom-pom spider kitty-toy about a million times already!

Here is Sandy with Witchy Poo - before he started rolling the baby with a right hook. They've worked out their 'differences' and though Sandy will not be a good middle kitty, he's not hurting the baby.

So here's a picture I took today - my husband think the baby has grown to about 1.5 the size he was when he arrived. He runs SO funny!! I've tried getting him on video, but it just hasn't happened yet.

I found Sandy lounging on one of our new sofas the other day... not a care in the world!! He certainly does have the Life O' Reilly!

Here you can see Hank and Witchy Poo again together. That baby sure is growing!!

Gotta LOVE the kitties!!