Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hiding Kitties!

Two of my VERY silly 3 kitties...

Witchy Poo saw my husband's lap quilt laying over the arm of the sofa, and decided to investigate!  There is a pocket sewn into the bottom of the quilt to tuck in your feet and keep them warm.  Obviously, the "Poopie" thinks this is a great hidey hole! 

Here the Panda came to investigate all the movement.

Still hiding, and Panda's still investigating!

Here's Sandy becoming very annoyed, and letting the Poopie know it's time to get out.

One can never say that the Poopie isn't a good listener!!!

"AH HA" says the Panda - "Now it's ALL MINE!"

"And you can't have it back!"

Two very silly kitties!

AND..... Here's a Hankie!  Being his very good Hankie self.... as always! 

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