Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sandy Panda's Baby Pics

These are photos from about 2 weeks after I was given Sandy. Here you can see how small he was compared to a full-grown Hankie.

Here's a pic of Sandy with Frisky. I got Frisky from a teacher friend about a week before I got Sandy. She ended up staying with us for a year, and then went to live down on my friend's farm. Frisky lived up to her name, for sure! She was tearing up the house... and just not made to be an inside kitty. Before she left us, I had her 'fixed'... and made sure she wouldn't be having more babies herself. I've seen her, and she's a big, healthy, outside kitty...

When they were that small, Frisky and Sandy would often curl up together and sleep!!! Baby kitties need lots of sleep so they can run and play when they're awake!!

That little Panda used to LOVE to climb up on the blanket and see what was over the other side... usually it was something to chase!

Isn't he the MOST adorable baby kitty!

OOOOh! Something to catch!!

These pictures were taken July of 2007, just after Frisky and Sandy came to live with us.

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