Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Two Pics of my Kitties

Introducing Hank.....
This is Hank, also known as Hankie, Hankie Pankie, Hankie Trouble, Hankie Lion, and a million other cute kitty cat names.

Hank came to me while I was living in Laredo, and was given to me by a teacher/friend whose grandmother could no longer care for him.  He was just a baby... only 4 months old.  I have lots of baby-Hankie pics and will scan and post those too.  He was a big trouble maker when I first got him!!! 

Hank is now 10, and will be 11 people years old on April 19th.  He goes to the vet to be sure he's a healthy-Hankie... and usually gets his picture taken with his eyes closed because he doesn't like the flash.

Hankie also does one special thing.... he says, "Mama"..  Yes, for real!  Many people have heard him, and can't believe it.  Trouble is, he doesn't do it on cue... so I need to work very hard to get it on video.

Introducing Sandy.....

This is Sandy - he's quite a cute little thing.  Sandy was not a planned kitty for us - we were walking into the Wal-Mart in BA, OK one afternoon, and I heard meowing.  When I first saw this baby-kitty... he looked just like a small version of my Hankie!  I loved him the moment I saw him.  After our shopping, I called the lady, and they met me to give me this little cute baby!!!!

He gets called all kinds of things... Sandy, Sandy-Panda, Baby, Baby Panda, Sweetie, Baby-Kitty, etc. 
He's now 2 going on 3 years old (in April) but has this little baby meow.  Oh, he sure can meow loud enough to my husband when he wants food or the litter cleaned... but otherwise, just a little squeaky, adorably cute kitty meow.

So here are my two kitty-babies...  I'll have lots more as this blog continues to grow!!

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